Monday, April 20, 2009

just forget it~

i'll count the days until in your arms again. i miss you so much,
your voice,your touch, but most of all, i miss how i felt when you hugged me.

His arms wrapped around her waist her arms wrapped around his neck their eyes staring
back at each a sign og young love..
& fall in love.. & break eachothers hearts with a TRAGIC GOODBYE.
& then we can do it all again. It started out like any other summer..
I need u by my side..
Lock me in your h.e.a.r.t & throw the keys away..
last night i fell asleep to song that reminded me of you on repeat & every moment..every word..
everytime it played..
there wasn't a minute i couldn't keep my mind off you..
that's means something right??

p/s-kpd siapa yg terasa jee..


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